The Brief: The release of Fiona Apple's new album Fetch The Bolt Cutters has sparked excited online reactions and memes.


Fiona Apple’s album Fetch The Bolt Cutters dropped on April 17, 2020, when it was immediately met with praise, glowing reviews, and a slew of memes from fans.

Fetch The Bolt Cutters Memes

The album’s title track includes the lyrics “fetch the bolt cutters/I’ve been in here too long,” a line that can feel relatable to those who feel antsy during COVID-19 lockdown and quarantines. The lyrics are actually a reference to a line said by Gillian Anderson’s character in “The Fall,” a British crime show. Whatever the line may mean to individual listeners and fans, it serves as a prolific source of memes.

Some of the most popular iterations of memes related to this album take a literal interpretation of the title, referencing people fetching actual bolt cutters. More metaphorically, the line serves as a rallying cry for Fiona Apple lovers and for those who feel inspired by her music.

These memes reference how the title track ends with a clip of dogs barking.

Album Reactions

These memes showcase the joy that Fiona Apple stans are experiencing when hearing her new album and how it’s filled with emotional, quarantine-appropriate bops.

A Leonardo DiCaprio pointing meme: