The Brief: Videos from a recent Post Malone concert have been circulating in which the rapper appears intoxicated, causing fans to share their concern online, often with the hashtag #HelpPost.


The #HelpPost hashtag is in reaction to rapper Post Malone falling on stage during a performance of “I Fall Apart” at a March 4 concert in Nashville. Footage of this fall, which includes Post rolling on the floor and continuing to sing has caused concern among fans who saw this as a sign of him being heavily intoxicated and possibly struggling with addiction. On TikTok, Post fans have been sharing videos of this footage along with pleas for the rapper to seek treatment under the hashtag #HelpPost. At the time of writing, videos associated with this hashtag have been viewed over 21 million times on the app.

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Expressions of concern for Post Malone extend beyond TikTok, across social media platforms, and even to a petition titled “Help Post Malone and his Addiction,” which currently has over 650 signatures. Fans are sharing videos from Post Malone concerts in years past with more recent ones to contrast Post’s apparent struggle with footage where he is acting significantly more coherent and stable.

While there is widespread concern about Post Malone’s behavior during this recent concert, many fans and attendees praised his Nashville performance.

The rapper has been known to consume drugs and alcohol sharing about it publicly in interviews and songs. He opened the concert on March 4 by saying to the audience “My name is Austin Richard Post and I’m here to play you guys some s****y music and get f****d up while we do it.”

In a March 2020 interview with GQ, when speaking about recent deaths of fellow young rappers Mac Miller, Lil Peep, and Juice WRLD, he said: “That could have been me.” Post Malone has not publicly addressed these recent fan concerns about his mental health.


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