The Brief: The #MAGACHALLENGE is a trend in which supporters upload pro-Trump raps to social media for a chance to meet the president and perform at the White House.


The #MAGACHALLENGE first kicked off in early September, when rapper Bryson Gray uploaded a video titled “#MAGACHALLENGE” to YouTube. The track includes his verse followed by an instrumental section for fellow Trump supporters to make their own versions. Bryson then uploaded a forty-second clip of himself dancing to the song to Twitter, which President Trump retweeted nearly two months later, officially endorsing the challenge.

With the chance to meet the president and perform at the White House on the line, Trump supporters have been flooding Twitter and Instagram with raps praising the president, advocating for gun rights, condemning abortion, and most importantly, “owning the libs.”

Gray told The Daily Dot that his goal was to accomplish “what everybody expected Kanye West to do for the [Trump] campaign” by making the song, which, regardless of your political views, is an absolute banger.


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Figured I’d sprinkle a little bit of that good good on the #MAGAchallenge @brysoncreates

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However, many on Twitter were critical of the challenge, accusing Trump of pandering and some even calling for his impeachment: