The Brief: Internet users are poking fun at what vaccinated people should be doing after they get their shots to protect against Coronavirus.


After the world shut down due to the spread of the Coronavirus in March 2020, it looks like freedom and some semblance of normalcy is back on the horizon. The US government plans to have everyone eligible for the vaccine by May 1 and and things close to normal by July. During this time, the CDC still cautions people to continue to wear masks and practice social distancing. Internet users have taken the guidelines a bit further by poking fun at what people should and shouldn’t be doing after they receive their shots.

These tweets are similar to the “Being Vaccinated Does Not Mean” memes.

This social media user thinks it’s time you finished your life’s work.

Oh, and your chores.

Quit buying things you don’t need.

Maybe, stock the book shelf another time…?

Prioritize your TV show binge schedule.

Stop gossiping, too.

This one is a Mean Girls reference.

A Matt Gaetz reference:

A Bible reference:

More memes: