The Brief: "Emergency meeting" image macro memes come from the mobile game Among Us.


“Emergency Meeting” memes use an image from the free mobile game Among Us. In the game, when a user presses the “Emergency Button,” all players are transported to the Cafeteria where they communicate via chat to vote for an “impostor.”

This format was posted to the subreddit r/MemeEconomy by user FinnishScrub in late August. From there, iterations of these memes spread to the Dank Memes and the Among Us subreddits, where they rose to popularity in early September.

These memes typically illustrate situations in which people suddenly encounter a big problem, and are compelled to convene for an emergency meeting.

We must hurry from dankmemes

Maybe he was just trying to be friendly… from dankmemes

This is NOT ok from dankmemes

I diagnose you with dead from dankmemes

Some popular memes with this format touch on sensitive subjects such as suicide.

This is not good, this is not right from dankmemes

Bro, donโ€™t do it bro from dankmemes

These memes have become so popular that they’ve inspired a number of meta-memes about Reddit being oversaturated with the format.

dad: emergency beating from dankmemes

Gudbye, made with google search from dankmemes

Enough… please from dankmemes