The Brief: Elon Musk tweeted that he wants America to "reopen" its economy even though Coronavirus statistics in the United States prove that it wouldn't be a wise decision.


Elon Musk is under a lot of public scrutiny for his controversial tweets regarding America reopening its economy even though healthcare professionals have urged the general public to remain cautious because the Coronavirus outbreak is still spreading rapidly.

With roughly 20,000 new cases a day, the Coronavirus has induced a blanket of hysteria and paranoia for those who are taking the deadly virus pandemic seriously. Affluent people like Elon Musk are publicly demanding for the United States to return back to its normal economic state and allow people to go back to work. The owner of Tesla’s tweets has caught many people’s attention with his disputable commentary for people to gain their “freedom back.”

A small percentage of Americans want to return back to work while many are desperately trying to stay safe and away from any risks of getting infected by the novel Coronavirus.

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