The Brief: Become a TikTok eBoy for a day or for life with this eBoy how to style guide.


Whether you’re looking to turn into an eBoy for a TikTok skit, Halloween costume, your school’s meme day, or if you’re planning to change your entire aesthetic for the long-run, this guide has the ten essential items required to look and dress like a TikTok eBoy.

eBoys can be found on TikTok, creating lip sync videos, or making angsty expressions and rolling their eyes back for the camera. Overall, the eBoy trend has elements reminiscent of emo, scene kid, Tumblr boy, skater boy, art boy, and goth styles. Unlike the VSCO girl and VSCO boy trends, which are largely brand-specific, eBoy looks and personas are more about an overall style and attitude than they are about buying name-brand items.

1. OPI Black Nail Polish – $10.50

A committed eBoy wouldn’t be caught dead without his signature chipped manicure. Instead of just drawing on your nails with a sharpie, upgrade to some quality black polish from OPI.

2. Wallet Chain – $8.99

Add a decorative and functional element to every eBoy outfit with this timeless wallet chain.

3. Vans SK8-Hi™ Core Classics – $64.95

Skate down the street or move your feet to the steps of the latest TikTok dance challenge in these classic Vans.

4. Converse High Tops – $54.99

Not only are Converse All-Stars a ubiquitous and forever stylish shoe, but they’re also a staple of the eBoy wardrobe.

5. Dagger Earrings – $9.79

If your sister won’t let you borrow any of her earrings, cop these spoopy daggers. Just be sure to only wear one because that’s what eBoys do.

6. Tiny Beanie – $13.99

Keep your head (sort of) warm with this tiny beanie. While it’s definitely on-brand for an eBoy, beware that your choice of headwear may be the subject of parodies and memes.

7. Striped Long Sleeve Tee – $19.99

This striped shirt is one of many options for eBoy clothing styles.

8. Plaid Joggers – $33.99

Go ahead and wear these with a striped shirt. Clashing is a part of the eBoy look.

9. Levi’s Trucker Jacket – $69.99

Another timeless item, this jacket will keep you cozy and warm, even if you want to look tough and cold.

10. Eyeliner Pencil -$6.80

More forgiving than liquid eyeliner, this eyeliner pencil can be used to draw hearts under your eyes and give you the goth/metal glow-up you’ve been waiting for.









As with every trend and archetype, there’s more to every individual than a mere label or outfit. Let this guide be your starting point to embody the eBoy style, then add your own personal touches, be yourself, and have fun!