The Brief: The Dramatic Moments trend on TikTok sees creators dishing out hot takes and challenging controversial opinions set to dramatic music used in reality TV shows.


TikTokers are sharing hot takes and challenging contradictory statements as part of the Dramatic Moments trend. Typically, these videos are performed to music that is used to signify a dramatic turn of events in reality TV shows, notably Bad Girls Club.  Users typically film the video selfie-style, before turning their head and/or changing the color of their screen and then delivering the punchline. This trend is intended to be funny.

There are over 506,000 videos linked to the audio. The associated hashtag #DramaticMoments is on the Discover page and has accrued over 416 million views.

Some of the most popular takes are about the dynamics between men and women:

Relationships between parents and their children:


How dare they question my loyalty😤

♬ BGC Drama Effect – whozmanzzz


Like bro im just chillin

♬ BGC Drama Effect – whozmanzzz

The rich:


lmao sorry I look rough I just woke up #fyp #viral #xyzbca

♬ BGC Drama Effect – whozmanzzz



i have asthma too bestie. #fyp #retail #customerservice

♬ BGC Drama Effect – whozmanzzz

Women’s empowerment:


I’m obsessing over this trend lmaooo #girlwiththewineglass #bgcdramaeffect #girlboss

♬ BGC Drama Effect – whozmanzzz