The Brief: Dr. Phil posted a video on social media asking for help decoding the terms VSCO girl, sksksk, and  "and I oop."


Dr. Phil has some questions about VSCO girls. We have answers.

On Wednesday, Dr. Phil posted a video to social media expressing his confusion about the VSCO girl meme and asking what the terms “sksksk” and “and I oop” mean. In it, he says:

“Now, I’ve been seeing some words in my comments that I need to ask you all about. So, like, VSCO girl? I don’t know if that’s V-S-C-O girl or “visco” girl.” Or sksksks? I have no idea what the hell that is. And then there’s one that says ‘and I oop.’ Um, I got a feeling that  somehow or another this is way inappropriate, so you’re probably getting a really big hoot out of this, so let me know.”

Dr. Phil, let’s clear some things up. VSCO girl is pronounced “visco girl” and refers to a TikTok meme-based stereotype of a girl who follows a style trend and acts in certain ways. Notably, VSCO girls are known to own specific products including HydroFlasks, Fjalraven backpacks, Birkenstocks, oversized T-shirts, and scrunchies. “VSCO” is a reference to a photo editing app from which VSCO girls and VSCO boys draw many of their aesthetics. This meme originated from TikTok and has gone viral over the past several months.

“Sksksk” represents laughter. Its a reference to someone typing random letters on their keyboard because they are so amused or shook by something that they have no other words. The term has been adopted as a signature VSCO girl expression.

“And I oop” originates from a video of drag queen Jasmine Masters. It’s often associated with VSCO girl memes as another of a VSCO girl’s favorite terms. Although there’s nothing directly inappropriate about the term, the Masters did originally utter the phrase after accidentally hitting herself in the crotch.

VSCO girl memes are widespread, so it’s not too surprising that they’d show up in Dr. Phil’s comments section. The phrases “and I oop” and “sksksk” are also commonly used on stan Twitter. Yes, Dr. Phil stans do exist, commenting things like “you’re a god” on his social media, and sometimes using terms like “sksksk” and “and I oop.”

Reactions & Memes

The internet responded to the simultaneous earnestness and cringeyness of Dr. Phil’s VSCO girl video with admiration, mockery, and memes.

Dr. Phil as a VSCO girl: