The Brief: Creators are thawing off their feelings and other traits about themselves as part of the #Defrosting TikTok trend.


It’s late winter, early spring in the United States and after quarantining for an entire year it appears like TikTokers are ready to get back outside. The latest trend sees creators defrosting various characteristics, emotions, or feelings that have been frozen for the past year due to the panny, as if the are in a microwave. They do this by spinning in a circle set to the sound of a microwave. This trend is very similar to that of March 2019’s #MicrowaveChallenge.

The microwave audio has been used in over 24,200 videos. The associated hashtag #Defrosting has garnered over 20 million views. This trend is intended to be humorous.

This woman is getting ready for a hot girl summer.


#fyp #summer21 #hotgirlsh #citygirls #21stjune #uk #london

♬ Microwave – Prime Sound

This TikToker is preparing for boating season which is also in the summer.


♬ Microwave – Prime Sound

And, this one is for fans and critics of the British royal family.


#queenelizabeeth #thecrown #meghanandharry

♬ Microwave – Prime Sound

Other takes:


♬ Microwave – Prime Sound

i would go outside and flinch at literally ANYTHING like what if a fly flew in my face or something😐

♬ Microwave – Prime Sound