The Brief: The Dank Memes subreddit celebrates and honors their late icon Stefán Karl Stefánsson (aka Robbie Rotten) on his birthday, July 10.


Stefán Karl Stefánsson Day

Stefán Karl Stefánsson is essentially the patron meme saint of the Dank Memes subreddit. Stefánsson, rose to memedom through his role as Robbie Rotten in the Icelandic educational television show, LazyTown. After his death from cancer in 2018, fans declared July 10th, Stefánsson’s birthday, to be an informal internet holiday honoring his memory. As he is especially respected, appreciated, and loved on the Dank Memes subreddit, it is the site of significant celebration on Stefán Karl Stefánsson Day.

Dank Memes Aims For #1 Spot

This year, to celebrate Stefán Karl Stefánsson Day, Dank Memes mods made a call to action for members of the subreddit to attempt to be the number one subreddit on July 10th. In this post, mods asked Dank Meme members to participate by posting memes, upvoting, and commenting on posts. They clarified that although they will allow more content to flow, that hate speech, the inciting of violence, and other violations of Reddit’s rules remain unacceptable will be immediately taken down. In order to encourage engagement, mods made temporary changes to the sub’s community award policies, making virtual Stefán awards easier to earn as an incentive.

It is time from dankmemes

Honoring Stefán Karl Stefánsson With Memes

Meme-makers and Redditors are pressing F to pay their respects and sharing their favorite Robbie Rotten and Stefán Karl Stefánsson moments and memes on his birthday. Many of these memes state that he is “number one,” a reference to the “We Are Number One” song from LazyTown

Don’t forget. Today’s the day. from dankmemes

A Stranger Things season 3 meme:

Happy Birthday to my legend. Rest In Peace man. from dankmemes

This is going down in history! from dankmemes

This is a social experiment from dankmemes

#1 from dankmemes

WE ARE NUMBER ONE!!!! from dankmemes

Happy Birthday, Stefan. We miss you from dankmemes

#1 from dankmemes

Featuring Thanos:

Do it for him today from dankmemes

Minecraft gold:

Happy birthday! from dankmemes