The Brief: The iOS 14 update allows iPhone users to customize their home screens and app icons, yielding many creative results featuring different aesthetics, memes, fan art, and more.


iPhone owners are taking advantage of the iOS 14 update by using widgets to customize their homescreens with their favorite images, memes, aesthetics, themes, video games, celebrities, and more. Reminiscent of customizable MySpace and Tumblr pages, this update gives iPhone users the opportunity to customize the appearances of their home screens including app icons and overall layout.

These remodeled screens are often reminiscent of Pinterest boards and the Pinterest app broke its daily download record as people flocked to the platform for visual inspiration. After customizing their screens, iPhone users are showing off their work on social media sites including Pinterest and Twitter.

iOS 14 Homescreen Memes, Aesthetics & Examples

Devoted stans are showing their dedication with home screens inspired by their favorite artists and celebrities.

Video games are another popular source of visual inspiration, like for this Club Penguin-themed home screen:

Some clever designers are adding vintage and retro flair to their homescreens.

In the context of social media, “aesthetic” is both a noun and an adjective. Many customized homescreens are both “aesthetic” and “an aesthetic.” Some screens are inspired by well-known social media aesthetics like cottagecore while others take from broader trends and visual styles.

As more people show off their screens, a number of iOS 14 homescreen memes are popping up about people competing to have the best ones and dedicating hours to dragging icons around their iPhones.