The Brief: In an interview on Ellen, Courteney Cox described just how hard it can be to understand teen slang.


While talking to Ellen about relationships, vacations, and friendship, Courteney Cox explained how she struggles to understand her 14-year-old daughter. For example, Cox was baffled when her daughter asked: “what’s the tea?” Courteney then humorously relays how she accidentally used several sexual innuendos while trying to tell her daughter that she’d been “hit from behind” (rear-ended) while driving on Sunset Boulevard.

In this clip from The Ellen Show, Courteney reveals that even in-the-know celebrities can struggle to decode the language of teenagers in 2019. This is a relatable scenario for many parents, teachers, aunts, and uncles who want to understand younger generations, but find it hard to keep up with the latest slang.

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Unfortunately for Courteney, however, we don’t specialize in Irish slang so we probably can’t help decode when her boyfriend says something like “what’s the craic?” (the Irish version of “what’s the tea?”).