The Brief: The cottagecore aesthetic and lifestyle is inspired by idyllic country life. Enjoy a bit of cottagecore no matter if you live in an actual cottage or studio apartment, with the tools and essentials featured in this cottagecore style guide. 


There’s nothing wrong with indulging in a bit of escapism, especially if it allows you to focus on relaxation and positivity. Cottagecore has recently provided an outlet for many people to find joy while in quarantine, focusing on comforting everyday activities and leaning into an aesthetic reminiscent of life in a quaint and cozy cottage. If you’re looking to get into cottagecore, this style, activity, and gift guide has what you need to start living out your flower-filled pastoral cottagecore fantasies. 

Sunprint Paper Kit – $49.99

If you like pressing flowers, you’ll love making flower sunprints with this special photo paper that uses sunlight to save the print of flowers and other light items you place on it. This set includes four packs of 16 sheets. Cottagecore Gift Guide

Pink Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit – $33.47

Take your mushroom obsession to the next level by growing actual shrooms in your home. Note that these pink oyster mushrooms are edible and not at all hallucinogenic.

Cottagecore Gift Guide

Cute Lil Jars – 20 pcs – $7.90

Create an all-in-one moss terrarium or use these cute, versatile jars for storage of potions, sand, fairy dust, etc. 

Rose Petal & Witch Hazel Facial Spray – $10.95

VSCO girls love Mario Badescu, but this witch hazel facial spray is more appropriate for cottagecore.

Gingham Dress – $18.99

This dress is a modern cottagecore style staple.

Embroidery Kit – $13.99

Get into embroidery with this beginner-friendly starter kit.

Floral Handkerchiefs – $8.99

Make a headband, wear them on your head, or create a DIY face mask with these handkerchiefs.

Book – The Edible Flower Garden – $9.99

Learn which flowers you should be eating and how they can best be used with this book on edible flowers. 

Vintage Style Plant Prints – $18.69

Turn your room into the cottagecore escape of your dreams with decor like these vintage-style plant prints.

Cottagecore Style Guide

Pressed Flower Phone Case – $10.45

Bring flowers into every aspect of your life, including your phone case

Picnic Blanket – $39.99

This picnic/beach blanket is both practical and cute.

Picnic Basket & Dish Set – $83.99

Host an outdoor picnic featuring your favorite homemade snacks with this picnic basket kit.

Straw Boater Hat – $18.98

Keep the sun out of your face, but make it fashion.

Prairie Style Dress – Free People – $168.00

This dress is for when you’re feeling extra cottagecore.

Glossier Skywash Eyeshadow – $18

Add some nature-inspired color to your makeup look for a light and fresh touch. Shades Pool and Lawn are especially fun. 

Cottagecore Style Guide

As there’s more to cottagecore than pure aesthetics, let this cottagecore style guide be your jumping-off point to exploring the world of cottagecore, goblincore, and more, both online and IRL.