The Brief: Soviet/communist Bugs Bunny vs. American/capitalist Bugs Bunny memes frame greed through economic ideologies.


Communist/Soviet Bugs Bunny memes feature a picture of Bugs Bunny with the USSR flag superimposed over him. He’s usually correcting someone who says that something belongs to them, by saying “our,” implying that it actually belongs to everyone. These memes are less about critiquing communist ideologies and more about using the idea that communists want everything to be shared as the punchline to jokes.

Bugs Bunny has a history of starring in communism-adjacent memes from these “our” image macros to a video of him conducting the Soviet national anthem to fan art.

Communist bugs bunny from memes

Some meme-makers have created a version of this meme with a capitalist/American Bugs Bunny. He is represented as an American capitalist with an American flag and he corrects people that something is “mine” rather than theirs.

American Bugs Bunny from MemeTemplatesOfficial

The capitalist and communist Bugs Bunnies have also been juxtaposed in memes to represent opposing ideologies. Both the Soviet and the American Bugs Bunny are typically used to represent greed and/or entitlement when they claim full or partial ownership of something.

It’s so confusing from teenagers

Communist & Capitalist Bugs Bunny Memes

This isn’t the first time Bugs Bunny has been the star of a popular Reddit meme format. He can also be found in Big Chungus and Bugs Bunny “No” memes.

It’s a world of pure imagination from dankmemes

Capitalist/American Bugs Bunny from MemeTemplatesOfficial

Comrade Homer from dankmemes

Yeah this is ours now, get it right COW from dankmemes