The Brief: The astrology app Co-Star's AI-fueled personal analysis is the perfect inspiration for a range of astrology memes.


Astrology meme culture and co-star’s amusing AI push notifications meet for the perfect meme storm.

What Is Co-Star?

Co-Star is a personalized astrology app that combines birth chart information, data from NASA, and artificial intelligence to provide customized astrological information and advice. It’s well-known for the push notifications sent to users, which can be pointed and even snarky.

Co-Star comes with built-in social media components including an option to sync one’s phone contacts and Facebook friends to then check compatibility with friends and get a glimpse into their astrological information.

Co-Star’s Savage Roasts

In addition to providing detailed, hyper-personalized astrological readings, Co-Star is known for its blunt remarks, sassy statements, and eerily personal advice in daily push notifications.

Fake Co-Star Notification Memes

In March 2019, a meme in which people posted parodies of Co-Star notifications went viral on Twitter. Similar to the vicious Duolingo Owl memes, these often poke fun at how personal and even invasive these notifications can feel.

A harsh wake-up call for those of us who have been shouting “I’m baby” from the rooftops:

Memes By Co-Star

On their own social media accounts, Co-Star flexes their own astrology meme savviness, playing into the already popular genre of astrology and horoscope memes.

What the different signs would wear to the Met Gala:ย

Misc Co-Star Memes

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