The Brief: The Clap For 'Em dance on TikTok is by @taymarquise and it is marked by crossing arm motions and clapping.


The Clap For Em Dance challenge on TikTok is a routine that consists of clapping and crossing arm motions. It is by creator @taymarquise and is performed to YungManny’s “Clap For ‘Em” featuring Flo Milli and Sada Baby.

There are over 796,000 videos linked to the original sound and 158,000 videos tied to the sound created by @taymarquise.


D*mn, I love the way she clap on ’em (Flo Milli sh*t, baow, baow)
D*mn, I love the way she clap on ’em
He love when I clap for ’em
Movin’ my a** in these platforms (yup)

The infectious routine is going viral on the app. It has been performed by popular TikTokers like Loren Gray and Addison Rae.


dc @taymarquise 🤍

♬ Clap For ‘Em – YungManny



♬ Clap For ‘Em – YungManny

Flo Milli even hopped on the trend.


👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾he love when I clap 4 em’

♬ Clap For ‘Em – YungManny

Creator @ericacoffelt and her unborn baby performed this routine flawlessly.


Reply to @savageisbored I’m not great with zodiac signs so hopefully google isn’t wrong (dc: @taymarquise)

♬ Clap For ‘Em – YungManny

Other takes:


I love this dance 😭💚 DC: @taymarquise #fyp #foryou #clapforem

♬ dcTAYMARQUISEclapforem – Taymarquise


Of course Slendy had to do this one #fyp #fypシ #foryoupage #foryou

♬ Clap For ‘Em – YungManny


BF loves it when you clap for ‘em 👏 dc: @taymarquise

♬ Clap For ‘Em – YungManny