The Brief: Twitter users are sharing compilation videos of quotes from their favorite celebrities and fictional characters in "____ once said" memes.


Celebrities “once said” Twitter memes are interactive multi-part posts about people’s favorite quotes from public figures and fictional characters. In the first part, someone tweets “____ once said…” with a specific famous person or character listed. Then, people respond in the replies with their favorite quotes from that person. In the third part of this series, the OP tweets a mashup video of the person saying the lines along with screenshots of people’s suggestions.

This style of tweet is popular on stan Twitter. They are similar to a version from Fall 2019, but the addition of the video element is new in the September 2020 version of the trend.

Top videos include clips from Ariana Grande’s appearance on Carpool Karaoke, from silly sports interviews, from vintage Disney Channel TV shows, K-pop stars, and more.