The Brief: Prom events all over the world have been canceled due to the Coronavirus outbreak, so many digital platforms are bringing prom to student's living rooms through video chatting platforms such as Zoom.


Zoom has become the best platform for people to feel virtually connected, so many popular platforms are taking advantage of these times in quarantine. Major outlets are producing events that would have occurred if there wasn’t a mandate to remain inside which caused many events to be canceled or postponed.

Prom season has been completely canceled for most, so many media platforms contributed to younger generations by establishing dates for Prom events to boost their morale. One of the most important events of many teenager’s lives has been hosted by platforms like Teen Vogue, Facebook, Jubilee, and YouTubeEven Jim Halpert (John Krasinki) from NBC’s The Office hosted and DJ’d a star-studded virtual prom event on his Youtube channel, “Some Good News” where Billie Eilish, Chance the Rapper, and the Jonas Brothers performed.

Teen Vogue Virtual Prom

On May 16, Teen Vogue will be hosting their first-ever Virtual Prom on Zoom to celebrate all of the high schoolers who are in quarantine right now. In a grand attempt to flatten the curve, Teen Vogue is partnering with brands to curate a special night for those who are missing out on their high school milestones. The lead up to the fashion publication’s big night will “[feature] daily prom-focused content — styling advice, makeup tutorials, dance prep, and DIY tips — on-site, on Instagram, on TikTok, and in Virtual Prom newsletters.” There will be celebrity guest hosts like Emma Chamberlain and Storm Reid who will be present throughout the virtual event. To participate in this star-studded affair, a student within a high school senior class must make a submission on behalf of their classmates.

Aside from the many Virtual Prom Events that already passed, some students have requested former U.S. President Barack Obama to give a national commencement in support of the many teenagers who were unable to participate in their life’s milestones.

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