The Brief: Boys vs. girls Wojak memes use characters such as Chad, Doomer Girl, and Trad Girl to highlight perceived differences between genders, often while reinforcing stereotypes.


Similar to crying Wojak and calm Chad “I know” memes, boys vs. girls Wojak memes consist of images of Wojak characters facing each other as if they’re having a conversation. Typically these memes show the Doomer Girl talking to Trad Girl and two Chad characters talking to each other to represent stereotypes about boys and girls.

**Single noises intensify** from dankmemes

Many iterations of these memes reinforce stereotypes about boys and girls and about their friendships. These include depictions of girls as bubbly and over-emotional and of boys as mean, homophobic, and aloof. Sometimes these memes suggest that the way either the boys or the girls act is superior, while at other times they are more observation-based and matter-of-fact.

Gei boys from dankmemes

This format is particularly popular on the Dank Memes subreddit which is known to be a male-dominated community. Thus, memes on this sub often are bent in favor of the boys and sometimes include misogynistic content.

Girls quirky, boys bad from dankmemes

Boys vs. girls Wojak memes are also popular on r/teenagers.

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The subreddit r/feemagers takes a different approach to these memes, critiquing how the format has been used in sexist ways and reappropriating the format to comment on the ways in which girls aren’t taken seriously.

They’re always getting excluded from feemagers

Fixed this meme from r/teenagers from feemagers

This is the truth from teenagers

Even some members of r/DankMemes are critical of the messages behind many boys vs. girls Wojak memes:

It had to be said from dankmemes

Some iterations of these memes include Feels Guy, the pink-haired Wojak girl, or Girl Chad too as well as high-definition versions of the characters.

It’s Mexico time from dankmemes

More examples:

Thanos: *snaps* from dankmemes

Its still lot better from dankmemes

Nice tits bro from dankmemes

Just the hair touch is enough too from dankmemes

New HD anime meme from dankmemes

I know. from dankmemes

Is it just destiny? from dankmemes

This is the truth from teenagers