The Brief: An oversized backpack from Moschino has created an opportunity for a new image macro meme format: big backpack memes.


Jeremy Scott of Moschino’s runway show on Monday featured a model wearing an enormous red backpack, inspiring big backpack memes: the antithesis of Lizzo tiny purse memes.

Just as the tiny purse memes joked about small things, whether literal or metaphorical, many giant backpack memes joke about toting around heavy loads including emotional baggage.

Big Backpack Meme

Other memes take a more literal approach, commenting on the number of books schoolchildren are expected to take to class while dragging Karen at the same time.

Dammit Karen
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Big Backpack Memes

This isn’t the first big backpack to be memed…

Moschino’s giant backpack and Lizzo’s tiny purse represent polar extremes in high fashion: bags that are either excessively large or excessively small. With the rise of these opposing trends, consumers might start feeling a bit like Goldilocks, looking for a bag that’s just the right size.

For anyone who might be wondering, Sarah Spellings of New York Magazine’s The Cut calculated how many Jacquemus Chiquiti bags would fit inside one Moschino backpack. The answer is 11,133 and the whole package would cost upwards of $2 million.

Just as the infamous Art Basel banana highlighted the relationship between high and art and internet memes, the memefication of Moschino’s too-big-for-comfort backpack emphasizes s the connection between high fashion and relatable reaction memes.