The Brief: Gen Z climate activists brought a myriad of meme-inspired signs and posters to Global Climate Strike events to advocate for climate justice in the most 2019 way possible.


Around the world, people of all ages took part in the Global Climate Strike to advocate for effective environmental regulation, climate change mitigation, and climate justice. Tens of hundreds of thousands of people marched in cities and towns large and small. This youth-led movement featured numerous creative meme-inspired climate strike signs that combine Gen Z’s passion for activism and sense of humor.

Global Climate Strike posters and memes are one place where social media and IRL activism intersect. Some of the best signs took from popular image macro memes and photos of creative and hard-hitting signs have been going viral online.

Without downplaying the significance of global climate change, these signs showing that young people do more than just make TikTok lip sync videos or play Minecraft and that their digital media obsession can lead to real organizing and impact. Of course, not all Gen Z-made climate strike signs contain jokes or memes. Many also cite scientific research, stern warnings, and powerful words from activists like Greta Thunberg.

Here are a few highlights of Global Climate Strike posters and signs from around the world.

my poster for the climate strike in DC tomorrow! from feemagers

Thanos had a better plan 4 earth:

Chris Hemsworth in Global Climate strike from marvelstudios

Inspired by Billie Eilish lyrics:

When we all burn alive where do we go!? (Self painted Climate strike poster) from billieeilish

Don’t mine coal. Minecraft.

This little legend at the Climate Strike in Sydney from gaming

Ight imma head the climate strike.

I attended the NYC climate strike and got a lot of attention for my poster! It’s was so much fun! from PewdiepieSubmissions

I just took a DNA test…

This doomer zoomer says “I want to die but the planet doesn’t.”

A VSCO girl themed climate strike poster:

Spark joy!!! Tidy up our earth.


So excited that Lush could be part of the Climate Strike today! Taken at the Minnesota State Capitol.

An unavoidable collision

The mere fact that hundreds of thousands more people showed up for the Global Climate Strike than the Area 51 raid is evidence that there just may be hope for our planet’s future.