The Brief: Belle Delphine, the internet sex symbol famous for selling her own bathwater has reemerged online after nearly a year-long hiatus.


After Belle Delphine’s Instagram account was banned in July 2019, she remained mostly absent online. In June 2020, she announced her return with a semi NSFW YouTube music video called “I’M BACK” in which plugged her OnlyFans.

The music video is a parody of Tekashi 6ix9ine’s comeback song “Gooba,” which debuted a month earlier. Delphine took some lines directly from the original song and added lyrics about her own return to the spotlight. The song is edited to sound like Delphine is singing with a baby voice and seems set-up to be memed with captions, absurd lines, and overtly sexual themes. At the end of the video, she lists her new Instagram handle (which is currently offline), TikTok account, and OnlyFans link.

Belle Delphine is both loved and hated for being an internet personality who caters specifically to straight men who fetishize gamer girls and anime-adjacent culture. Delphine is known for popularizing the ahegao face and for monetizing her sex appeal. While some men and boys simp over Belle Delphine, others are critical of her overtly sexual online presence and will go as far as to slut-shame her.

In replies and memes, social media users have responded to Belle Delphine’s comeback with expressions of excitement, annoyance, and criticism. Her return will likely mean that she’ll be at the center of future controversies for whatever stunt she pulls next.