The Brief: Belle Delphine is a creator of NSFW online content, self-proclaimed 'gamer girl,' and well-known internet troll.


Who Is Belle Delphine?

Belle Delphine is a model and an online celebrity. She is known for her cosplay, NSFW content, and trolling stunts. Delphine had over 4.2 million Instagram followers before her account was deleted in July 2019. Delphine, who is 19 years old, often posts sexually suggestive content on her Instagram and has a Patreon account where people can pay for access to her exclusive NSFW Snapchat. In many of her posts, Delphine dresses in anime-themed cosplay and wears animal ears reminiscent of furry culture. Delphine’s style and social media presence often play into sexualized gamer girl and eGirl tropes, attracting fans of this particular genre of NSFW, lewd, and pornographic content.

Trolling Fans With Her Pornhub Debut

On June 16, 2019, Delphine posted a sexually suggestive photo to Instagram with the caption:

“If this photo gets 1 MILLION likes I’ll actually make a pornhub account. The time has officially come.
Tag Ur friends/dad to help out!”

The post received well over a million likes and Delphine followed through, launching a Pornhub account and uploading twelve videos. However, in spite of the videos’ extremely suggestive titles and thumbnails, they did not feature pornographic content. Instead, they consist of Belle Delphine acting out literal interpretations of the suggestive titles. In one video she eats a photograph of Pewdiepie while his video plays in the background. In another she pets and plays with a stuffed cat. Although these videos do not feature the pornography that their titles and thumbnails suggest they will, they are still NSFW and include some sexual themes and imagery.

Many fans expecting to see Delphine in pornographic videos expressed their disappointment and anger online. While many people were impressed and amused by Delphine’s comical stunt, others appear to have been extremely upset, posting misogynistic comments with language derived from Incel culture on Delphine’s Pornhub and Instagram accounts.

Selling Gamer Girl Bathwater

On July 1, 2019, Delphine told her Instagram follower that she would be selling her bathwater. In the caption of this post, she wrote:

“i am now selling my BATH WATER for all you THIRSTY gamer boys 💦 check out my new shop where im selling stuff for you!!”


Delphine sold jars of what she claimed was her actual bath water for $30 each on her website. These containers of “Gamer Girl Bath Water” sold out in five days. Delphine received both praise and criticism for this entrepreneurial stunt. At least one YouTube video surfaced in which a YouTuber “tries” Delphine’s bathwater, taking a sip and then spitting it out.

Rumors have been circulating online that people have been hospitalized or have contracted herpes after consuming the Gamer Girl Bath Water. However, all evidence points to this being fake news: a series of hoaxes and memes. In an Instagram post, Delphine clarified that no one has been made ill from her bathwater.

There have been reports of counterfeit Delphine bathwater being sold on eBay and other sites. Another site claims to be selling “Gamer Girl” urine, but Delphine ensured fans that it was fake and she has no association with it.

Delphine is popular for being both an expert troll and successful NSFW model. Her stunts attract significant attention for their cleverness and outrageous premises. While she faces significant backlash from disgruntled fans and haters, she appears to be maintaining a large internet standom and profiting from her work.