The Brief: Images of the Star Wars universe character known as Baby Yoda have created significant buzz online, inspiring a versatile "Baby Yoda looking up" meme format.


Since his debut, Baby Yoda, the small Yoda-like character featured in The Mandaloriana TV series set in the Star Wars universe, has had the internet smitten. Baby Yoda is the fan-chosen name for this lil guy, who is not to be confused with Master Yoda. In the new Disney+ series The Mandalorian, he is referred to as The Child. Baby Yoda looking up memes range from wholesome to dark to absurd, all with the cuteness of a tiny Yoda.

Many Baby Yoda looking up memes portray situations in which a child is looking up to an authority figure. Baby Yoda’s expression of earnestness has led to captions about kids patiently waiting for their turn to speak.

They’re a little sharp from dankmemes

Will Baby Yoda be nominated as meme of the month on the Dank Memes subreddit?

it do be like that from dankmemes

Mandalorian’s Good from dankmemes

Mini Yoda joined by mini Keanu and mini Joker:

Go outside you can from dankmemes

A reference to booger sugar:

Smol yoda from dankmemes

Creepy space cheese from memes

Sad Yoda Looking Up Memes

These memes are a slight variation of Baby Yoda looking up memes, often with a much darker spin to them.

Can’t relate, never had a dad! from dankmemes

No cookies were for santa from dankmemes

Baby Yoda Meets Master Yoda

Name a more iconic duo. I’ll wait. While Baby Yoda and Master Yoda may not interact in The Mandalorian because they live during different time periods, at least they do get to meet in these memes.

They are the elite two from dankmemes

Baby yoda from memes

Baby Yoda is everywhere and we’re 100% here for it.

We are being invaded by cuteness! from memes