The Brief: Astronaut with a gun "always has been" memes are used to make over-dramatic reveals.


Astronaut with a gun memes or “wait it’s all/always has been memes” come from the Ohio takes over the world meme of February 2020. According to Know Your Meme, Ohio memes that include an astronaut with a gun first appeared in late 2019 and rose to popularity in early 2020.

One iteration of the Ohio memes depicts two astronauts in space overlooking Earth, which consists of a single landmass in the shape of Ohio. One astronaut says “wait it’s all Ohio?” and the other astronaut, who has an Ohio flag on their suit, says holds a gun up and says “always has been.”

Always has been. from memes

The idea of a massive conspiracy that the whole world is actually just Ohio has inspired other variations using the same format where someone reveals an earth-shattering fact. Usually, these reveals are comedic and absurd, such as that earth is made of chicken tenders or that ratatouille is all vegetables. “Wait it’s all/always has been” astronaut with a gun memes are particularly popular on Reddit.

Wake up People from memes

It’s all Minecraft.

No, it can’t be from dankmemes

Aang crying in the corner rn from memes

Ratatouille has no pepperoni from memes

The earth is round Wololo the earth is flat. from dankmemes

Some literal takes on the meme:

isn’t it dinosaur shaped? from antimeme

oof ouch ack from bonehurtingjuice

The truth is out there from dndmemes

I made this, inspired by a meme I saw. Maybe I should come out by sending this to everyone lmao from traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns

This is just unexplicable… or is it?! from dankmemes

All you clowns arguing neolib vs progressive are missing the big picture, smh from PresidentialRaceMemes

Use this template to create your own version of wait it’s all/always has been astronaut with a gun memes:

Astronaut With A Gun Memes