The Brief: "Are ya winning, son" memes feature stick-figure drawings of a man asking his son if he's winning his computer game.


“Are ya winning, son?” memes include a stick figure drawing of a father walking into his son’s room while he’s doing something on the computer, and asking if he’s winning. According to Know Your Meme, this image macro format originated on 4chan message boards in a meme where the son was shown engaging in a virtual reality hentai game.

The joke in these memes is that the dad is trying to engage with his son by asking if he’s winning his video game, but really has no idea what’s going on. Variations of “are ya winning son” memes depict the son doing different activities and playing different games. Some of these memes wholesomely show how parents want to be part of their children’s’ lives while others make fun of them for their cluelessness.

These memes started circulating online in 2014 and had a resurgence in popularity in May 2020.

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