The Brief: Among Us fan art by Neytirix is being used in Reddit memes.


In September 2020, as the game Among Us became a household name, Reddit user u/neytirixx (Neytirix) posted three pieces of Among Us fan art to r/AmongUs, inspiring several new meme formats. These Among Us fan art memes include jokes about the game itself and about situations where, like in the game, innocent people are blamed for the wrongs of others.

Original Art by Neytirix:

Neytirix’s artistic depictions of Among Us feature more detailed versions of the crewmates in the game as well as more realistic looking gore. Videos of Neytirix’s artistic process for these images can be found on their YouTube channel.

Bro it wasn’t me from AmongUs

Why are you running? from AmongUs

ARE YOU BLIND?? from AmongUs

Among Us Fan Art Memes:

These memes originated within the r/AmongUs subreddit before spreading to the Dank Memes and Teenagers subreddits and beyond.

All of that stress just to be ejected. Part 3 of mashing together the art by u/Neytirixx from AmongUs

Why can’t my parents see I’m innocent from dankmemes

Round 2 for the mashed up u/Neytirixx art from dankmemes

did you wash your hands? from dankmemes

I think the people here will like this one from teenagers

Dont get too close – Art by Neytirix from dankmemes