The Brief: "Ah yes, enslaved" memes are a from a surreal meme format that gives new names to everyday objects.


“Ah yes, enslaved” memes first appeared on Reddit in April 2019 as  an image of the Meme Man, and a water bottle with the caption “ah yes, enslaved moisture.” The Meme Man (also featured in Stonks Memes) is a character based on a 3D image of a human head who often shows up in surreal memes.

Variations of this meme switch out the water bottle and the word moisture for other everyday objects and new names for them. The general idea behind many these memes is that many modern inventions are made up of materials that could be viewed as “enslaved” when they’re channeled to be made into something else. Other variations riff on the meme format itself or other ways in which an object could be renamed as something that’s “enslaved.”

“Ah yes, enslaved” memes may not be obviously funny to most people. This “fake deep” image macro format serves largely as an inside joke for those deeply immersed in ironic and surreal meme culture.

These memes are particularly popular on Reddit but have spread to other social media platforms as well. An entire Instagram account dedicated to these memes has over 1,400 f0llowers.

Bottle of water = enslaved moisture 

Have you ingested your enslaved moisture today? from dankmemes

Treadmill = enslaved road = domesticated earth

Ah yes, domesticated earth from dankmemes

Shower = enslaved rain

Ah yes good ol’ formats from memes

Battery = enslaved electrons

Ah, yes. from dankmemes

Unfortunately, to some teenagers, high school = ‘enslaved hell,’ whatever that means. 

Ah yes, mods suck from teenagers

Bullet = enslaved gunpowder 

ah,yes. from memes

Pizza pockets = enslaved lava


Bag of chips = enslaved air 

Ah yes, enslaved waste of money from memes

An ah yes, enslaved, ah yes enslaved meme. This is very meta. 

Ah yes, enslaved ah yes enslaved from Recursion

Ah yes, enslaved meme template: 

Ah, yes meme template from MemeTemplatesOfficial