The Brief: Here's a quick guide to a confusing but funny Noah's Arc-themed tweet that's full of contemporary internet slang and meme references.


Twitter user @NatashaOladokun translated the biblical story of Noah into 2018 internet-speak. We translated it back into something more understandable. Hopefully, we’ve over-explained this joke just enough for you to get it, without ruining all of its humor.

God: Noah come here 

  • Translation: As is. God is asking Noah to “come here” because he has something to tell him.

Noah: What’s the tea, sis?

  • Translation: “What’s up?” Noah wants to know what the tea – gossip, news, or beef, is. Sis is a term of familiarity.

God: I’m sick of all of you; I’m deleting the earth

  • Translation: God regrets making human beings and decides to destroy the planet with a great flood, killing (“deleting” or “canceling”) all humans.

Noah: Wig

  • Translation: Wig is a shortened version of “wig snatched.” Noah’s wig has been snatched, meaning that he is surprised and in shock.

God: You can live, though. Build a huge boat

  • Translation: God states his plans to spare Noah and preserve the human race through him. He instructs Noah to build an arc.

Noah: I. Am. Shaking!

  • Translation: Noah is shaking. He is “shook,” meaning that he is in such awe that it feels as if his world is shaking.

God: And bring two of every animal with you

  • Translation: As is.

Noah: Weird flex but ok

  • Translation: Although this is a strange request, and a weird flex on God’s part, Noah agrees to bring a pair of every animal species on the arc with him.

In summary, God tells a meme-savvy Noah to prepare for a great flood by building an arc. Did you LOL yet? We hope so.