The Brief: We've selected the hottest gifts for teens, tweens, and anyone else looking to start making TikTok videos, or bring their current creations to the next level.


The aesthetics and styles of TikTok are centered on authenticity and minimalism, but a few basic tools can transform the average teenager’s bedroom into a lit TikTok studio. This gift guide features the equipment needed to shoot videos for and have fun on the Gen Z-dominated playground that is the TikTok app.

LED Room Lights – $45.99

Color-changing LED lights are at the center of several TikTok trends and are a popular effect for videos on the app. These adhesive strip lights are a favorite of many TikTokers and can turn a regular bedroom into a show-stopping TikTok studio.

TikTok Teen Gift Guide








OtterBox Phone Case – $38.21

When doing tricks like holding your phone in your mouth for a video or performing physical stunts, it’s important to have protection like the tried-and-true OtterBox phone case. Just be sure to match the case size and phone model.

TikTok Teen Gift guide

GripTight GorillaPod Tripod For Phones -$39.87

Hands-free filming is necessary for beauty tutorials, cooking videos, dance videos and much more. This portable and flexible tripod lets you prop your phone up while you get that perfect shot.

TikTok teen gift guide

Stunning Selfie Light – $9.33

When it comes to making videos or snapping photos, this selfie light provides bright, flattering coverage at any angle.

Light Up Phone Case – $14

Show off this light-up phone case from DollsKill at your next sleepover or dance party. It could also be used to add more light up effects to TikTok videos.

PopSockets Phone Grip & Stand – $7.99

Not only are phone grips like this one stylish, but they’ll also help you hold your phone steady while shooting TikToks and scrolling through the For You page.

Puffer Phone Case – $42

Puffer jackets are in and so is this “puffer” phone case by Urban Sophistication. Keep your phone warm, cozy, and protected this winter.

Morphe Eyeshadow Palette – $42

Whether it’s for a makeup how-to video, clown meme video, or eGirl factory video, this versatile 39-color eyeshadow palette will come in handy for every TikTok creator at one point or another, no matter their gender.

Selfie Stick – $13.99

Try out experimental wide-angle shots and literally expand your reach with this sleek and easily portable selfie stick.

iPhone 11 Pro – $999+

The latest iPhone models come with the best cameras. Upgrade video quality and user experience in one fell swoop. A new iPhone 11 Pro is sure to be a memorable and practical holiday gift.

Anti-Social Media Phone Case – $23

A favorite of influencers including Gigi Hadid and Delilah Belle, this Urban Sophistication phone case makes a statement about the mental health risks associated with social media use, to remind both the phone’s owner and social media followers that there’s more to life than just likes and followers.

AirPods Pro – $249

AirPods Pro are small and subtle enough to wear while filming videos, while also being noticeable enough to flex your tech. For bonus points, AirPods are already at the center of popular memes.







Whether you’re shopping for yourself or hoping to get your TikTok-obsessed child, grandchild, niece or nephew a gift that they’ll actually use, this gift guide has the essentials items to get into TikTok or any other video sharing medium as a hobby.