The Brief: 2019 San Francisco 49ers fans have been letting the memes fly with their hot start to the season. Can Jimmy Garoppolo and Kyle Shannahan take the 49ers to the Super Bowl?


San Francisco 49ers memes have been rolling in faster than the team can decimate its opponents this season.

QB Jimmy Garoppolo returns this year from a torn ACL and the 49ers’ defense has taken a massive step forward. Needless to say, things are looking up for San Francisco.

49ers memes express relief to see that their QB still has the juice after a brutal knee injury.

Credit – Ivan Pino

Posted by 49er Memes on Sunday, August 25, 2019

49ers’ FB Kyle Juszczyk has been sending defenders into the stratosphere all season.

Seriously, it looks like Juszczyk knocked Minkah Fitzpatrick all the way back to his former team in this 49ers meme.


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The 49ers are leaving entire teams in their wake this year.

Steelers, you're next. Credit – Ivan Pino

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The 49ers fans have had plenty of reasons to play it cool this season.

Have a great day Niner fam

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The Atlanta Falcons must really regret letting Kyle Shannahan leave to take the head coach job in SF.

Falcons fans watching Shanahan win games like

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George Kittle has been showing that his stellar 2018 season was not a fluke.

The People's Tight End

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49ers haters haven’t had much ground to stand on this season to the delight of 49ers memers.

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49ers memes call out fake fans chasing clout.

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After a rough 2018, 49ers’ Defensive Coordinator Robert Saleh has plenty of reasons to be excited.

Shannahan must be pleased that he stuck with DC Saleh.

Just last year, 49ers memes were clowning Saleh.

To build on their impressive start, the 49ers traded for WR Emmanuel Sanders from the Denver Broncos. The reviews have been mixed.