The game is not rated, but is generally recommended for ages 12 and up due to its scary elements.

The Brief: Five Nights at Freddy's, FNAF, or FNaf, is a point-and-click horror jump-scare video game.


Created by Scott Cawthon, the video game puts players in the perspective of a night janitor working at a pizza restaurant haunted by animatronic toys. Throughout the games, the complex, dark pasts of the toys are revealed.

There is a also a media franchise designed around the original game, which includes multiple videos games, a series of novels, and an upcoming film adaptation.

Let’s Play videos of the game are popular on YouTube from YouTubers including Markiplier and PewDiePie. The Game Theorists have devoted many videos to decoding the franchise and creating elaborate, mind-blowing theories about the characters and events in the game.