The Brief: These memes feature the Scout, one of nine character classes from the popular video game, Team Fortress 2.


Despite his mad skills, The Scout has proved to be one of the less meme-ified TF2 characters. From various Reddit boards, it’s clear that several gamers find Scout to be annoying and less meaningful to the game.

In Team Fortress 2the Scout is the fastest class and unlike the other characters, is able to double jump. The Scout’s default weapons are a shotgun and baseball bat. It’s rare to find a Scout meme where the character does not have his baseball bat in tow.

Annoying Scout Main Starterpack from tf2memes

SCOUT MAINS CAW CAW from tf2memes

In most memes, Scout is set up to be fairly basic and unintelligent.

Scout have big brain from dankmemes

I am the Scout here! from dankmemes

The Scout is the ultimate time traveler from tf2memes

This Mini Keanu Reeves meme compares the traditional Scout character with the Fat Scout, a character in the Heavy class in which you don’t use your primary minigun, but instead your secondary shotgun.

Scout storming Area 51:

You understand our obligations men? from tf2memes