The Brief: These memes utilize the Medic, one of the character classes from the popular video game, Team Fortress 2, to predominantly roast medical professionals and anti-vaxxing parents.


The Medic just might be everyone’s new favorite Anti-Anti-Vax meme.

This Team Fortress 2 character’s title is very indicative of his “powers”. The Medic can heal fellow teammates with a Medigun that can ÜberCharged to make other players temporarily invulnerable.

we did it boys from dankmemes

Several memes featuring the Medic draw comparisons to anti-vaxxing and Karen memes.

Meet the Karen from dankmemes

Parents! Rise up! from dankmemes

More often than not, the Medic memes are used to show someone (usually a healthcare professional or parent) trying to treat a medical issue and taking an L.

Yes. Relatable. from dankmemes

quick thinking from dankmemes

While most Medic memes are purely meant for LOLs, there are some with darker tones. This meme, for example, drags the Medic for his inability to treat depression.

Stonks from dankmemes

This Minecraft crossover:

drank that milk from dankmemes

Fandoms collide in this Instagram Bran Meme: