The Brief: These memes feature the Heavy Weapons Guy, a character class from the popular video game, Team Fortress 2 known for his brawn and fire power.


Also known as just “Heavy”, the Heavy Weapons Guy may be the largest and slowest moving of the Team Fortress 2 classes, but he comes equipped with a minigun and fists to kill. He can also recover his health by eating sandwiches – #goals.

Most TF2 memes featuring the Heavy roast the character for his enormous size and shape.

The heavy from dankmemes

No one talks about heavy from dankmemes

They played themselves from dankmemes

This “I don’t need sleep, I need answers” crossover, but in Team Fortress 2 fashion:

I need a medic from tf2

Strong as hecc from tf2memes

Perhaps the best clapback to bullying:

Ok then 2.0 from tf2memes