The Brief: These memes feature the rocket launcher wielding Demoman, a character class from the popular video game, Team Fortress 2. 


In Team Fortress 2, the Demoman character class wields a grenade launcher and sticky bomb launcher. Demoman can kill enemies around corners or lay traps for enemies to run into. Talk about sneaky AF!

Why nobody use this meme? from dankmemes

There have been several memes on Reddit showing Demoman both literally and figuratively dropping bombs.

Needed to make a demoman one from dankmemes

They called me a demoman from dankmemes

The Demoman from dankmemes

While Demoman doesn’t seem to be amongst the more prevalent TS2 memes, he’s clearly still a fave amongst gamers, especially within the Dank Memes Subreddit.

They’re gon’ tae have to glue you back together… from dankmemes

Ka-blooooom! from dankmemes