The Brief: This Labor Day Weekend, top Fortnite players completed for $1.5 million in prizes at the PAX West conference in Seattle.


For the finale of an eight-week competition, top Fortnite gamers traveled to Seattle for PAX West, a gaming conference. There, they played for four days, battling over $1.5 million total in prize money, with the highest single prize at $225,000.

All of Fortnite’s channels, including both Twitch and YouTube live streamed the event, receiving millions of views.

Somewhat controversially, a coin flip broke a tie over a $5,000 prize and eligibility to move to the final round of the tournament.

A young, previously unknown player who goes by the gaming name Morgausse won the grand prize.

Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite promised to give out $100 million during their first competitive season this year. 

Ninja did not compete, but his reactions to the event were streamed and closely-followed.