The Brief: Zendaya started the trending hashtag #SelfiesForZendaya in a single tweet asking for fans to share their selfies.


Zendaya, the star of HBO’s Euphoria, started a trending Twitter hashtag, #SelfiesForZendaya, with a single tweet.

On Monday, she tweeted:

Mere hours after she posted this tweet, the hashtag #SelfiesForZendaya has been tagged over 11,000 times and Zendaya’s original tweet received over 55,000 likes.

Most posts consist of just what Zendaya asked for: selfies. This wholesome trend combines self-love with a way to show one’s devotion as a Zendaya stan. Many people have taken this as an opportunity to flex their selfie game and take a moment to bask in their own beauty. It’s also created an opportunity for Zendaya fans to admire each other.

Selfies For Zendaya