The Brief: A Twitter meme format shows someone asking the question "who gon check me boo," to be answered by a set of emojis.


Who Gon’ Check Me, Boo?

This iconic line comes from an episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta when Shereè Whitfield, in a heated argument with a party planner. She responds to his “you need to watch yourself before you get checked” with “who gon check me, boo?” Since the airing of this episode in 2009, this quote has been widely used and memed as a tribute to Shereè and as a powerful comeback/challenge. In this context, “being checked” means to be put into one’s place.

Shereè even branded this moment into a T-shirt that she sold through Nordstrom.

Who Gon Check Me Boo Memes

Recently, on Twitter, a meme using this line has gone viral. The meme format depicts someone boldly asking “who gon check me boo,” only to be immediately and devastatingly “checked.” This is conveyed through a series of emojis surrounding a face. The emojis around the face represent the thing doing the checking and the face represents the person being checked. These memes often reference historical moments in which someone was blissfully unaware of their upcoming demise. Other memes include pop-culture references and relatable personal struggles.

A Minecraft Reference: