The Brief: Usher posted a video on his Instagram story of him singing the chorus notes from his 2012 single "Climax," inspiring other artists and singers to post their renditions of the song, sparking the #ClimaxChallenge.


On April 8, Eric Bellinger started off the #ClimaxChallenge by singing an Usher song. As a response, Usher uploaded an Instagram story of him singing the most memorable notes from his 2012 single, “Climax.”

This moment in pop culture amassed a lot of attention and Usher ended up calling for a #ClimaxChallenge where other established artists and social media users attempt to follow suit. Then, The Weeknd was summoned by Eric Bellinger to keep the challenge going as fans suspensefully waited to see if the “Blinding Lights” artist would step up to the plate. Doubtfully, the Canadian singer most likely won’t participate because he solemnly claimed that Usher copied his sound and style in the new space of R&B he created.

Even though the #ClimaxChallenge started off as a star-studded affair, many other social media users partook in the challenge and some haven’t missed a single note.

Evidently, #BlackTwitter went into a frenzy over Usher’s vocal notes and many nailed the #ClimaxChallenge while some others were far from the mark. This challenge sparked a multi-generational online conversation between old and new Usher fans who thought Usher was no longer capable of hitting the “Climax” high notes anymore.

Usher’s #ClimaxChallenge Memes: