The Brief: #ToxicGirl101 on Twitter is trending and it is because the female heartbreakers out there are finally getting their times to shine on social media, while people describe what constitutes a true seductress.


Daryl Hall & John Oates 1982 hit single, “Maneater” is still relevant to this day but not in the form of an electrifying heartbreak anthem. Modern-day “Maneater’s” constitute all of the poor qualities that the ’80s single cautiously warns it’s listeners about throughout the chorus and the entirety of the song. Femme fatales with frequent tendencies to conduct toxic behavior are currently trending on Twitter and have an entire popular hashtag dedicated to their selfish deeds.

#ToxicGirl101 on Twitter has every woman/girl who has committed crazy acts with their former significant others washing the blood off their hands as they sulk in their self-righteousness. With nearly 15k usages on Twitter, the hashtag has many female users of the social media platform divided on whether they are the ones with toxic commitment issues or if it’s their partners’ biased perspectives.

Ranging from carefully deliberated actions to the brink of insanity, women alike are reminiscing on the past relationships in their lives and how they are trying to reaffirm themselves that they are not the “crazy” ones. In heterosexual relationships, women are often called “crazy” by men as a way of reducing their autonomy. The online debate isn’t as simple as pointing a finger at someone but is a compilation of negative experiences, instances of regret, and vindictive behavior that has caused someone to fall along the lines of toxicity.

#ToxicGirl101 on Twitter