The Brief: Twitter reacted with both critical and funny tweets about Ice Cube after it was revealed the rapper worked with the Trump Administration on the "Platinum Plan."


On Oct. 13, it became public knowledge rapper Ice Cube worked with the Trump Administration on the “Platinum Plan” to better Black communities after Trump’s Senior Advisor Katrina Pierson tweeted her support of it. The plan will reportedly “increase access to capital in Black communities by almost $500 billion.” Ice Cube previously proposed the “Contract With Black America” on July 1 which urged politicians to enact reforms and policies to help the Black community “achieve racial economic justice.”

The rapper caught a lot of heat from the hip-hop community and Black community  for working with Trump, considering his previous statements about the president, both online and through song. In November 2018, he released the track “Arrest The President.”

Ice Cube defended his actions, insisting his sole purpose is to work on behalf of Black people.

The rapper met with both parties. According to CNN Political Analyst April Ryan, Ice Cube “wasn’t up to speed” on Biden’s Lift Every Voice plan which promises to “advance the economic mobility of African Americans and close the racial wealth and income gaps” and “expand access to high-quality education and tackle racial inequity in our education system.”

Many community members were critical of the overall situation…

But, of course, there were others who couldn’t help but get a few jokes in…

A movie reference:

A “This you?” tweet:

And a couple “How it started“-style tweets:

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