The Brief: A recent viral video on Twitter has prompted snack fans and celebrities to rank (and fight over) their favorite Lays chip flavors.


The latest Civil War has begun, and ironically, we all have Captain America to blame.

On Sunday March 10th, stand-up comic and actor, Kevin Fredericks shared a video via Twitter in which he and group of friends verbally dissected a variety pack of Lays Chips and ordered the six chip flavors, favorite to least favorite.

The chip choices include Original Lays, Nacho Cheese Doritos, Cheetos, Fritos, BBQ Lays, and Cool Ranch Doritos.

Fredericks posed the question to Twitter and needless to say, shade was thrown.

It seems snack fans get very salty (pun intended) when it comes to chips.

Yesterday, The Avengers’ย Chris Evans shared his picks, prompting celebrities all over to clapback.

Actress Octavia Spencer dissed Chris Evans for his choices, passionately claiming that Cheetos deserved the top spot. Shots fired, Chris!

Perhaps the most heated discussion to come from the viral post, is the argument about where Fritos land on the list. Some people are very much in favor of the Frito…

While others vehemently disagree.

Another point of contention has been the fight between Red (Nacho Cheese) and Blue (Cool Ranch) Doritos.

It’s clear that this debacle has caused division within the office and workplace for many. Thanks a lot, Cap!