The Brief: It's April Fools' Day and the internet is all a-Twitter with memes, messages, and LOL pranks.


April 1st – a day for hilarity and global skepticism. Get ready to ROTFL!

Earlier this week, we shared our favorite April Fools’ Memes and Jokes in preparation for the big event and today, the internet has run rampant with shenanigans.

Thankfully, many of the pranks and jokes have proved to be perfectly harmless, meant solely for a quick LOL. For example, this false-promo for the next season of FX’s American Horror Story.

Thankfully, many companies, events, and celebrities who jumped on the April Fools’ bandwagon were kind enough to hashtag #AprilFools or #AprilFoolsDay so as not to confuse their fans.

However, that was not always the case…

JK, Oreo? Because we could get on board with this one. The jokes don’t stop there…

Several companies and organizations, like the Chicago Bears and Starbucks, put together extremely-believable ad campaigns that had all of Twitter wondering, “Is this happening IRL?”

Rest-assured, both ads have been confirmed to be Aprils Fools’ pranks, but you have to give them credit for the amount of detail!

Some more internet favorites:

Okurrr, UK! We see you and your incredible pranking abilities.

And let’s not forget this excellent addition from Tinder, which ironically roasts Tinder app users. Yee yee!

Perhaps the most popular pranks amongst co-workers involved swapping out delicious food like donuts for an arrangement of fruits and vegetables. Oof!

Although some offices went above and beyond the typical donut “dad joke”.

Some people went all out with pranks on their BF or GF

While others dragged their kids.

Even teachers got involved!

In some cases, the kids were the pranksters.

What with the internet’s obsession with “cute and cuddly”, it should come as no surprise that animals got involved, too.

Despite the cute puppies, it seems that some people are just indifferent to the holiday…

And others refuse to get on board. Period.

But when it comes to pranks backfiring, none can compare with this #CheeseChallenge gone wrong. Warning: NSFW!

Happy April Fools’ Day! Keep it clean, fam.