The Brief: The Twitter accounts for Moon Pie and SunnyD interacted in an amusingly heartwarming viral Twitter thread.


Moon Pie is a brand well-known for their amusing Twitter presence. Yesterday, after the SunnyD Twitter indicated that it wasn’t feeling so sunny, MoonPie came to the rescue with warm words. This thread went viral, with mixed reactions overall.

The Tweets Decoded:

@sunnydelight: “I can’t do this anymore”

Translation: SunnyD is going through something and may even be suicidal. However, we shouldn’t be too worried because this tweet is coming from the marketing team of a sugary drink. 

@MoonPie: “What’s going on sunny”

Translation: Moon Pie is asking SunnyD for details, referring to it with the cute nickname “sunny.” 

@sunnydelight: Mood last night. All good MP thanks dor checking in ily

Translation: SunnyD was feeling bad last night, but it is now feeling better and thanks MoonPie (MP) for its support. “Mood” is a reference to big mood and ily is an abbreviation for “I love you.” 

Reactions & Memes

More brands and public figures, including a Satan fan account rushed comfort SunnyD.  Others reacted to wholesome, albeit marketing-based moment through Twitter comments and memes. Some people have criticized these brands for using a joke about mental illness to sell their products.