The Brief: Sunken Trump boat rally memes began appearing on social media after boats began sinking during Trump 2020 boat parades over Labor Day Weekend.


On Sept. 6, a nautical Trump parade took place in Fall Rivers, Wisconsin atop the St. Croix River. According to local news WCCO, one boat capsized after hitting the choppy waters. This event came after several reports of boats sinking during a Trump boat parade on Lake Travis in Austin, Texas the day before. In the wake of the Trump boat parade fiasco, a cryptic image of a sunken ship with a Trump 2020 flag began appearing online.

As it turns out, the image is fake, kind of. According to, the photo of the boat is real and was snapped by underwater photographer Dusty Klifman. His online portfolio Blueyes Below features pictures of many sunken ships, including the now iconic “Trump rally boat.” According to his page, that boat sank near Traverse City, Michigan and was first shared in June 2020.

The Trump flag was added to the boat after the fact. Regardless, internet users had a field day sharing the photo to add to the news surrounding boat-based Trump parades over Labor Day weekend.

There’s this one from anti-Trump account @NightlyPolitics.

And here is the image as part of a Labor Day Weekend 2020 mood board.

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