The Brief: The discovery of tailbone fossils of the aquatic dinosaur Spinosaurus has enhanced paleontologist's knowledge of the prehistoric dinosaur and has now turned into internet memes.


In Casablanca, Morocco there has been a revolutionary discovery in terms of prehistoric dinosaurs and how the Spinosaurus aegyptiacus has shattered preconceived scientific notions of how the dinosaur lived on Earth. The Spinosaurus was thought to be similar to a Tyrannosaurus rex but has now been proven to be an aquatic dinosaur, the largest in it’s kind.

The paleontological breakthrough has led to new information that has reshaped scientists’ views on this specific species of prehistoric carnivores. The memes that have developed as a reaction to this evolutionary event in time are probably more exciting to younger generations than the actual scientific discovery.

Spinosaurus Memes on Twitter

Twitter, the open forum that is known for turning extraordinary breaking news into somewhat hilarious internet jokes, has gotten hold of the Spinosaurus’s glory and changed it to an onslaught of memes.