The Brief: Internet users are direct messaging celebrities and influencers using Quavo's "You So Icy, I'm A Glacier Boy" pick-up line.


In response to the viral “How it started, how it’s going” Twitter trend, rapper Quavo shared his March 2018 direct message exchange with rapper Saweetie to share how their relationship got started. He sent her a snowflake emoji, a nod to her icy-themed stage presence. Saweetie replied with a ramen noodles emoji. Quavo responded with “U so icy, Ima glacier boy,” in reference to when Migos (Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff) and Gucci Mane meet-up. Saweetie was obviously in favor, writing “Was hannin then.” Now, they’re in a relationship.

Clearly, things went well. The same can’t be said for fans who tried to do the same. Internet users are risking it all with celebrities and influencers alike by direct messaging them snowflakes and the “glacier boy” pick-up line in hopes of getting the same result as Quavo. Many have shared their receipts online.

Many DM’s went unanswered, like this one to Rihanna:

Hillary Clinton:

As well as, Zendaya and a string of other celebs:

At least, Seth Rogen let @Itskeyon down nicely(?).

If this message is real, it looks like Zack Fox might get dinner for three with Viola Davis. She reportedly responded with a ramen noodles emoji, just like Saweetie.

This guy scored:

Many others were complete and utter fails:

Can you say, “BLOCKT?”