The Brief: #POCArmyBlockParty on Twitter is a self-appreciation community for minorities who are uplifting and supporting each other through selfies, videos, and pictures.


Sometimes, the world may seem empty in terms of optimism but POC (“People Of Color”) around the globe are all tapping into their Twitter accounts to post self-appreciation pictures of themselves with a new hashtag that spreads love and admiration for each other. #POCArmyBlockParty is doing just that, an online community for minorities to appreciate their physical features and selfies while contributing to an extensive thread of pride and ethnic equality. The trending hashtag is in reference to BTS’s ‘Army‘ Fanbase that is inclusive of all races. One fan on Twitter created a Block Party event for people to dance together virtually to BTS hits and then this hashtag transformed into a thread of self-love for minorities.

On Twitter, #POCArmyBlockParty has Black Twitter posting their best dance moves and selfies to uplift each other on a global platform. Other ethnic groups are partaking in the hashtag and are showing how powerful self-love is towards one another and this sense of a strong online community is the energy needed in the United States right now.

#POCArmyBlockParty on Twitter